Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Alexia Simply Extraordinary House Party

Imagine a dining table brimming with easy-to-prepare side dishes made with all natural ingredients, in distinctive and inspired versions of the foods you love. Sounds like the perfect arrangement for a fabulous dinner party, don’t you think? You’ll get to experience all of it and more, as the host of an Alexia Simply Extraordinary Dinner House Party.

When it comes to frozen foods with the finest natural ingredients and flavors, Alexia steals the show. From savory potato sides like oven fries and mashed potatoes, to bakery fresh artisan rolls and garlic baguettes, Alexia adds gourmet flavor and presentation to your table in minutes.

If selected to host this foodie fĂȘte, you’ll invite your friends over on March 27th to celebrate these and other great flavors. You’ll prepare a delicious meal, and Alexia will help by providing you with creatively crafted side dishes, party planning ideas, recipes and more, helping you create a memorable evening that is sure to be Simply Extraordinary.

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If selected as a host, your FREE party pack will contain:

4 Free coupons for Alexia Products

1 Alexia Foods Bamboo Tongs

1 Alexia Foods Wood Cooking Spoon

1 Package of Alexia Foods cocktail napkins

$1.00 off coupons for your guests

Alexia Foods Recipe Ideas

Alexia Foods Fact Sheet
**Thanks Who Said Nothing in Life is Free.

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